What Is Amplify?

Amplify is a B2B marketing communications firm whose mission is to help brands and organizations¬†connect to clients, customers and stakeholders more effectively by “amplifying” their value proposition and key brand messages through the development and execution of impactful marketing communications. By crafting a well orchestrated approach to reach your B2B audiences in person, in print and online with benefits-focused messaging, Amplify can help differentiate your organization from the competition, enhance perception and thought leadership position, and create more robust customer relationships.







Who Is Amplify?

Ira Gleser, founder and president of Amplify Marketing Communications, has a proven track record of building and activating brands by connecting them to B2B audiences in an engaging, meaningful way. He possesses a broad perspective gained from working in management, leadership and consultative roles in the beverage, foodservice, hospitality, financial services, consumer durables and retail industries, with industry leaders including¬†Coca-Cola, MGM Mirage, Burger King, Charles Schwab, Tyson Foods and Lowe’s.

Having worked on both the agency and client side, Ira has extensive experience in creating integrated marketing communications programs and campaigns to grow brands and businesses and developing robust relationships with clients/customers, key stakeholders and agency partners.